Structuring and Opening Data to Improve Sustainability of Food Systems


  • 2020-2022
  • 100 000 €
  • Coordinator: SayFood research unit (Caroline Pénicaud)
  • SAS contact: Julie Auberger
  • SAS research axis: Integrated Evaluation
  • Web site
  • Keywords: Interoperability, Structuration, Accessibility, Food engineering


Multicriteria assessment of agrifood systems is essential to improve sustainability of food value chains. To perform such assessment, collecting and managing data on all agrifood system activities are of primary importance. There is a real need for tools to organise, store and share data related to the processing of agricultural products into food, a domain that currently is poorly documented. To this end, three complementary approaches have been developed by the largest research institute in agriculture, food and environment:

  1. the MEANS platform, which provides tools and databases for Life Cycle Assessment practitioners
  2. the BaGaTel database, structured by PO² ontology, which contains data about transformation processes and food products
  3. @Web, a web application which allows data tables to be managed using semantic web languages.

The aim of the DATASUSFOOD project is to develop an interoperable system which takes advantage of these three approaches to deliver open-access data in accordance with FAIR principles. Development of adequate software, modules and scripts for interoperability (WP1); data entry (WP2) and data accessibility (WP3) will be performed in close collaboration with computer scientists and users. Three case studies will support the project: production of cheese, industrial dairy protein powders and food packaging. Tools and open-access data produced by the DATASUSFOOD project will be highly valuable for scientists, technical institutes, industries and governmental agencies which deal with open-access data issues and/or sustainability goals related to agrifood systems.

MEANS-InOut software will be used to study the range of food processing.

SAS staff involved

Caroline Malnoë, Julie Auberger
External IT development: Julien Hilaire


PLASTIC  software platform (INRAE)
MIA-Paris  (AgroParisTech, INRAE)
IATE  (INRAE, CIRAD, Université de Montpellier, Montpellier Supagro)
SayFood  (INRAE, AgroParisTech)
STLO  (INRAE, Agrocampus Ouest)
CSGA  (INRAE, CNRS, UB-FC, AgroSupDijon)

Funding and Support

The DATASUSFOOD project is funded by ANR (French National Research Agency) under the reference ANR-19-DATA-0016, within the framework of the National Plan for Open Science, and the Flash call "Open science: research practices and open data".


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